The worldwide dissemination of the truth is FIGU's goal. It is achieved with Billy's help, together with the assistance of Plejarens and other life forms of non-terrestrial origin who know the Truth. For an inconceivably long period, such life forms have been living in accordance with the universal Truth and peaceful criteria and their effects. Additional FIGU's goals are, via teachings of the truth, to assist all humans in shaping their lives in harmony with the creational laws and recommendations, and to successfully implement the truth and its laws and recommendations on Earth in a creational-orderly and creational-appropriate manner.

FIGU, the Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell (FIGU) or in English "Free Community of lnterests Universal", is a community of like-minded individuals who live in many different countries, who are of many nationalities and races, who are in search of the truth, and who attempt to adjust their thoughts, feelings and actions according to the natural and creational guidelines. We have joined the community upon our own, voluntary initiative to fulfill the obligations and tasks as equals, and to attain a progressive knowledge and wisdom through laborious toil.

-Excerpts from "Our Manifesto"