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(An extensive and threatening topic nobody dares to address)

Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates. ... In spite of the many efforts, mankind’s problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to population increases.”

-Excerpt from "Crusade Against Overpopulation" 


Explanation for the Spiritual Teaching Symbol for Peace:
“On the other hand, in the true and correct form of the peace symbol, the tree of peace and life is oriented upwards to the light, and it stands on the foundation block of the peace and the life - which is symbolized by the rectangle - and holds everything together. The leaves of the lotus flower above the tree of life represent the seven forms of consciousness, while the ‘feathers’ arranged underneath represent spiritual swinging waves. The wheels or spheres on both sides of the tree of life represent the universe and the Creation and are connected with each other, while the fountain of life springs directly from the tree of life. This symbol shows the creational striving for progressive development and at the same time peace, harmony, equalisedness, tolerance, equivalence and all good and positive values of the life; it includes a progressive, fruitful furtherance of peace in absolute equality.”  - Excerpt from the 599th Contact Report, Saturday, 18th October 2014, 2:27 pm
Salome gam nan ben Urda, gan njber asala Hesporona!
Peace be on Earth, and among all created creations!

Spiritual Teaching

“Because in the Creation everything is a single unity, for this reason, every single life form and so therefore also the human being is inseparably connected with all and everything, and indeed, through a common and all-embracing, creational and therefore all superordinate, enormous and mighty energy-swinging-wave, the love; the love, the creational power, the universal principle of life, the universal consciousness, the life and the BEING itself.”  -Decologue/Dodecalogue p.232
“May the human being recognize every law and recommendation of the Creation, and as he/she has recognized one, he/she shall comprehend it and live accordingly, because the laws and recommendations of the Creation are the greatest wisdom.”  -OM. Canon 30, Verse 111