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Ptaah’s explanations regarding the peace symbol

Extract from the 599th Contact Report, Saturday, 18th October 2014, 2:27 pm.

... furthermore it would be urgently necessary that finally an explanation is made in regard to the wrong ‘peace symbol’, as it is being misused world- wide by means of the death-rune.  The fact is that the death-rune ‘peace symbol’, ever since it has been used during demonstrations and also for a number of purposes, triggers, in accordance with its sense, in the human beings of Earth, very negative and bad swinging waves that are directed at unpeace, intolerance, war, murder and manslaughter, hostility towards strangers and races as well as at strife and unfreedom and disharmony. Ever since this wrong ‘peace symbol’ has been used, which represents anything but peace, but contrarily symbolises death and destruction among the terrestrial humanity, all terrible things have increased rapidly, have spread and their leading to hate, terror, discord and hostility, etc., has increased very much.  The wrong ‘peace symbol’, thus the death-rune, was created as the ‘peace symbol’ in 1958, namely by the British artist Gerald Holtom.  He made it in commission of the British campaign for nuclear disarmament, and indeed for the world-wide first Easter-march, which took place in London and which was directed against the nuclear weapons research centre in Aldermaston. Holtom thereby wrongly described the death-rune as the ‘peace symbol’, which he had combined from two signs of the semaphore alphabet, whereby he chose an N, which stands for nuclear, and a D for disarmament, and indeed arising from the English, Nuclear Disarmament.  Due to being unintellectual, he was thereby unable to intuit that he had created and spread a symbol for death, unpeace, murder and manslaughter as well as for terror and war, hate and disharmony, and so forth, and that since its creation and world-wide dispersal, his death symbol has expressed itself in very evil and negative form and has evoked death and destruction.  As unbelievable as it may perhaps sound to many human beings of Earth, since the use of the death symbol, its symbolic power has been stored in the human beings of Earth and has been working in a malicious form ever since.  In contrast to this death symbol stands the spiritual teaching peace symbol, which comprehensively contains everything conceivably possible and therefore is directed not only at one certain thing, rather at absolutely everything that exists in the entire universe.  Therefore anything and everything is comprehensively included in this ancient traditional spiritual teaching peace symbol, consequently there is nothing to which it does not apply.  This is in contrast to the peace symbols which are made by the human beings of Earth and are worked out only specifically for certain things and values and are therefore not comprehensively, whereby of course this does not include the death symbol with the death rune, because this negative symbol epitomises death and all torment and destruction.
However, additionally I want to explain that the death symbol, which is erroneously regarded as the peace symbol, means exactly the opposite in connection with the interpretation of the death rune and with the letters N and D as 'nuclear' and 'disarmament' in the sense of Gerald Holtom.  Due to the fact that the death-rune must be understood as a negative symbol, everything that is worked into it is also to be equated to this negative.  Consequently, the N means and symbolises as much as ‘nuclear armament’, whereas the D is to be interpreted as ‘war-material armament’.  Thereby however, from that which erroneously is striven for with the supposed ‘death-rune-peace symbol’, symbolically exactly the opposite results, instead of peace, freedom, harmony and nuclear as well as war-material disarmament.

Explanation about the meaning of the death-rune and about the real peace symbol

The ‘peace symbol’, as it is generally known today and used in the pop culture, corresponds in truth with the death-rune, a symbol that has been known for thousands of years, however which, instead of peace, means unpeace, strife, discord, intolerance, murder, mass murder and war. This is so because the tree turned upside down represents the reversed energy flow of the tree of life into the ground, whereby its meaning and the effects resulting from it are extremely negative. The use of the reversed peace symbol destroys everything that is good and positive and strengthens and stimulates everything which is aggressive, intolerant, laden with prejudice, bad, negative and destructive and all devastation.
On the other hand, in the true and correct form of the peace symbol, the tree of peace and life is oriented upwards to the light and it stands on the foundation block of peace and life – which is symbolised by the rectangle – and holds everything together. The leaves of the lotus flower above the tree of life represent the seven forms of consciousness, while the ‘feathers’ arranged underneath represent spiritual swinging waves. The wheels or spheres on both sides of the tree of life represent the universe and the Creation and are connected with each other, while the fountain of life springs directly from the tree of life. This symbol shows the creational striving for progressive development and at the same time peace, harmony, equalisedness, tolerance, equivalence and all good and positive values of life; it includes a progressive, fruitful furtherance of peace in absolute equality.

(Further explanations can be found in the free brochure ‘And there shall be PEACE on Earth...’.)

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